Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why TV is Ruining Your Life and Retirement

Ah Time

Once time passes it is gone to history forever. We can capture tiny bits of it with pictures and video, but it is forever a moment in the past. We yearn to have more time. We bemoan to our family, friends, and coworkers over the seemingly insufficient amounts we have.  

Americans ascribe our lack of time to a million reasons. Some true and others outlandish. Yet I bet no one will say this. "I have no time because I waste it watching television." I know I never heard it once*. Bored? Put some TV on. Feeling lazy? Put some TV on. It drives me nuts when people say they have no time then drag on about the latest reality show, movie, or sports game.

So how much time do people waste? On average we spend 2.80 hours per day watching TV, and another 1/2 hour playing video games. That's a total of 3.20 hours each day, 22.4 hours a week, or a total of 48.5 days a year wasted in front of a TV. Of course the amounts in any day vary, and hours can vary considerably for many people. Either way that's a lot of spare time you could be doing all the activities you have no time for. 

Best of all people ALWAYS complain about their cable bill and the service they receive. Top company on that list of complaints has always been Comcast for those I've talked to, and I can personally agree as a former customer. Yet no one ever bothers to stick it the cable company and shut their service off!!!! I find it crazy that people will put up with that much dissatisfaction for a service. I've seen people quit dealing with other companies for various services and lower overall costs for seemingly innocuous reasons. Yet never for the precious TV. So I challenge you today to call up your cable service provider and cancel your service. Relish the sound of the company rep squirming to keep your business. Then clearly let them know you'll no longer be utilizing their useless service.

You'll reap a variety of benefits you never thought possible. For one you'll have a surplus of time to do everything you ever dreamed of. You might even find yourself with more time to stay in shape, learn how to cook, visit family and friends, read books, learn a new valuable skill, or anything your heart literally desires.

Ironically I'm publishing this article 90 years to the day when John Baird fist unveiled his televisor to the world. He unwittingly set off a 90 year period of decreased human mobility, empty pocket books, and plenty of time wasting that just so happened to support a whole new industry of jobs where the ultimate end is a poorer you. How unfortunate.

It's so unfortunate that you are likely financially poor as a result. Let's assume Comcast or AT&T have been sucking you dry the last five years for $100 month. On top of that lets assume you sacrificed a weekly part time job for 22.4 hours a week earning $15/hr. Bad news. You are out $93,360 (6000+87360).  

No wonder why people are broke. Instead of being productive they voluntarily fork over money to ensure they are even less productive. Then they get blasted with advertisements for unnecessary items to buy like pickup trucks, vacations, chain restaurants with bad food, and countless other useless items since that's what most commercials are for.

Anything that is a component of a happy life is never advertised on TV, just garbage that is supposed to make you happy.

Project your $93k out at 8% the next 10 years and your are out $206,142. HOLY S***! You should be throwing your TV out the front window, grabbing the lock cutters to chop the cable line, and celebrating your emancipation!

Of course we aren't really going to do that though. What we will do is buy a cheap HD antenna for $50 bucks and watch TV for free in very reasonable amounts. Maybe supplement that with an ultra cheap streaming service when its time for a movie and homemade popcorn. You'll find that there is virtually no sacrifice in your watching options, and you'll be much richer in the end.

*I personally waste about 6 hours a month with this modern day thief via online streaming and rare free HD antenna broadcast television. The antenna has amazing resolution by the way, but I usually watch informative documentaries and just 2 TV shows.


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