Friday, March 25, 2016

Can Financial Advisers Make You Rich?

Forbes posted a story on my birthday of all days about using your financial adviser to help you get rich. I couldn't agree more and not just because its my job. It's part of the reason why I share tons of valuable information for free on this blog that could net you a lot of nice pocket change.

For many people finances, budgets, spending trends, investment results, stocks, bonds, and interest rates is just either not interesting or not well understood. No worries though. It is why MAD Consulting always make sure to explain information clearly, and there is no such thing as a dumb question. We want to help educate everyone on their money management so you can make smart decisions on your own too.

Most people think that financial advisers just dish out advice on stocks while sitting back and collecting commissions on overpriced financial products. That is true for some, but never here.  What good is someone who only wants to invest your money while you live paycheck to paycheck in the hopes that one day your investments will shoot to the moon?  Not a very useful person in my opinion. That's why MAD Consulting shows you how to maximize your savings, cut useless expenses, and then we look at investment options for your money to get it working harder than you can. That's what a real financial adviser does.

Because everyday is a battle between you and those soulless* corporations trying to separate you from all that hard earned cash. By my last check many of those squalid industries are still doing to good of a job at it so I have my work cut out. Furthermore I live by what I preach. If I tell you massive savings can be had by snuffing out purchases of certain products and services you can bet I have found a higher quality and probably cheaper** alternative.

It always upsets me to see or hear of people struggling financially. I want to help so badly when I hear stories of people with loads of debt, or making unwise financial decisions. I never want anyone to make a bad financial decision. It's just completely unnecessary considering all the valuable information out there.  A good example is when an acquaintance informed me of someone they knew receiving an inheritance. First order of business for the person was to buy a new car, which based on the inheritance size would have been a major portion. I explained to that person how horrible of an idea that was. In the end I could not change that persons decision. I think often of how things will turn out for them, and how things could have been instead.  It also amazes me at how stubborn people can be while throwing away a prime opportunity to secure their financial independence. It's situations like that where I couldn't make a difference that keep me up at night. Failure is not an option for me, and it shouldn't be for your finances.

Well today I want you to ponder if you are getting the most out of your current adviser, or what you might be missing out on by not using one.  It might be the moment that helps change your life.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

*There are plenty of good corporations out there doing great things. I only despise the ones that cost people money for unnecessary things and must convince you buying their product will make you "happier".

**We don't believe in buying something just because it's cheaper.  For example if two jackets cost $100 and $75 we might want to buy the $100 jacket.  Why? If it's warmer and going to last 5 years instead of 3 years for the cheaper option it will actually save us money as years pass. 

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