Friday, April 22, 2016

Illinois Is Bankrupt, But Not The Senators - Until Now

Well it appears to be much worse than it seems with Illinois and the troubled financial situation the state finds itself in. It's so bad the state comptroller has decided it will not even pay the politicians(i.e. state legislature).  According to this Chicago Tribune article the move is coming with an interesting work around where the checks will be processed, but not paid as they are instead added to the $8 billion backlog of unpaid bills. Just FYI the comptroller will not be paid too.

That Illinois is $8 billion behind on paying bills is also astonishing.  But you know there is nothing better to do in Springfield as Democrats argue tooth and nail with Rauner(working for free) about every little thing without compromise. Meanwhile the state has been without a budget for 10 months. At this point why even bother with one for 2015?  Just move on to the next year.  Disgusting is what this situation is.

What's more disgusting is being a senator for Illinois is considered "part time work" according to the article. On top of that these "part timers" make an annual salary of $67k!  Not bad for a side gig. Even more bizarre is the article highlighted that a few senators have been under financial hardship even with that salary.  That's unbelievable. There are plenty of families making it just fine with even less money each year. Full disclosure none of the state legislators are MAD Consulting clients. Otherwise their personal finances and the state would be in much better shape. If it were me I'd make them all permanent full time unemployed former senators.

What I also found interesting was the neat little guarantee lawmakers had established for themselves. I was completely unaware of this, but lawmakers actually wrote into the law that they must be paid no matter what financial condition the state found itself in. Meanwhile civil servants such as nurses, state troopers, and other administrative employees are not given the same courtesy. Currently they have the good fortune of being paid by a court order since the state has no budget. It's amazing normal folk working(full time by the way) day in and day out got the shaft when it came time to write the laws, but the senators made sure to take care of themselves. I guess I should not be surprised. So everyone think of that next time you go to vote for one of the idiots that's been in office their entire career. They put themselves first, not you.

While this paycheck fiasco is admittedly a small piece of the pie and will not last forever it might at least give politicians a taste of their own medicine. Especially for those who have been sticking it to taxpayers for far to long.

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