Monday, November 7, 2016

The Richest Counties in America

I thought getting this article out right before the election would be a good idea. You'll see why in a bit.  Today I'm presenting to you a short and sweet list with the Top Ten Highest Earning Counties In America.

So before I show you the data take a guess at where you think some of these counties might be. The Bay Area, Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami all came to mind for me when I initially thought of writing about this topic.

Without further adieu here is the data.

Richest Counties By Income & Metro Area Data
RankCountyStateIncomeNearest Metro Areas
1Loudoun Virginia$117,876Washington DC
2FairfaxVirginia$112,436Washington DC
3HowardMaryland$108,844Washington DC, Baltimore
4HunterdonNew Jersey$105,186NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton
5ArlingtonVirginia$100,474Washington DC
6StaffordVirginia$97,606Washington DC
7Putnam New York$96,223NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton
8SomersetNew Jersey$95,825NYC, Trenton
10MorrisNew Jersey$95,294NYC, Trenton
Source: MAD Consulting LLC ©

Now New York City makes a strong showing as the financial capitol of the world with 4 counties within arms reach. Yet only 1 is in the top 5.  In fact no county in California cracks the top ten. It's not until number 14 when Santa Clara County makes an appearance for the Golden State. 

Interestingly enough out of the top 6 counties all but 1 is near Washington DC.  If we went a few spots further to the top 15 we would add 3 more counties. That gives our Nations Capitol 50% of the top 10, and 61% of the top 15 highest earning counties in America! In fact nearly the entire surrounding area of Washington DC is comprised of the highest earning households in America.  

Richest Counties By Income & Metro Area Data - contd
RankCountyStateIncomeNearest Metro Areas
11MontgomeryMaryland$94,965Washington DC
12Prince WilliamVirginia$93,744Washington DC
13NassauNew York$93,214NYC
14Santa ClaraCalifornia$91,425San Jose, San Francisco
15Charles CountyMaryland$90,880Washington DC
Source: MAD Consulting LLC ©

No wonder why so many people are supporting Trump despite the massive effort against him.  It seems the only place to get a good job in this country is in politics, or on Wall Street. 

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