Friday, February 10, 2017

What Do Markets Think About Society?

While you've been focusing on grinding out the last full month of winter, and protesting cause it's the cool thing to do right now, the markets have continued to climb steadily higher all week.  In fact every major index has HIT ALL TIME HIGHS this week!!

YTD Performance:
Nasdaq - Up 6.58%
S&P 500 - Up 3.47%
Dow Jones - Up 2.58%
Russell 2000- Up 2.38%

Stop and think about that for a minute. Despite the fact television is full of people yelling at each other, and street protesters destroying small and large business storefronts all over the country the market could care less. It only cares about one thing - Making Money.  

That's what the markets think about the rest of society. So don't let the TV fool you into thinking otherwise. The proof is in the charts. 

Visit to see more great charts.

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