Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Big Announcement. I Mean HUGE!!!

I have a big announcement coming up. In fact everything around here will be completely different!!! OK maybe that gave everything away. Or did it?  There's going to be some really cool changes coming around soon.  They will include the following:

Financial Planning
Saving Money
Technical Analysis
Tax Planning

Obviously it will include that stuff. And yes I know it's not exactly as fun as corgi horse races, or mini pigs in a blanket, and whatever else people waste their time watching instead of taking charge of their finances to give themselves a worry free richer life.

It will include an all new blog that will allow easier access to older articles.And get this. It will combine the blog and website into one page. If you aren't aware the website is actually This is just the blog for the business website. What can I say I didn't think it out correctly when I first started.  The new blog will also have a discussion page where I talk about my own personal stock and investment holdings.  You'll get to hear(or read) my thoughts on what I own and why.  That's something currently reserved for clients only.

The website will be easy on the eyes while being visually stunning. It will still include an easy way to sign up for my free net worth and expense tracking tool. It will still feature the worlds most secure, and easy way to pay via PayPal.

There's plenty more that it will include, but I want to save some of the big stuff for later. See hint below.

This site and the business site will re-direct to the new webpage(hint)so no worries if you come here at first. That's about it for now. I'll have a full list of features and updates out as soon as I'm ready to deploy everything.

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